Okaya Inverter Batteries Okaya
MRP: Rs. 10010
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 6328
Without old Battery:        Rs. 7344
MRP: Rs. 11080
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 6407
Without old Battery:        Rs. 7579
MRP: Rs. 11750
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 6641
Without old Battery:        Rs. 8204
MRP: Rs. 12460
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 7188
Without old Battery:        Rs. 8750
MRP: Rs. 13430
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 7969
Without old Battery:        Rs. 9532
MRP: Rs. 14790
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 8750
Without old Battery:        Rs. 10547
MRP: Rs. 15900
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 9532
Without old Battery:        Rs. 11329
MRP: Rs. 17880
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 10782
Without old Battery:        Rs. 12735

Okaya Inverter Batteries

Okaya, a renowned name in Inverter batteries, is the second largest Inverter and UPS battery brand in India. Okaya is also the fastest growing Battery brand in India with an installation base of more than 5 million batteries and countrywide network of more than 17,000 Dealers and 1,800 Distributors, 38 Branch Offices and 210 Customer Care centres and 10 Manufacturing Plants all across India. With such a huge network and onsite service in 105 cities you can always be sure of high level of customer support and after sales service.

Document Less Warranty

Not all of us keep documents like warranty card/invoice safely all the time and therefore have to face a lot of hassles at the time of warranty claim. 

Okaya provides its customers with the Document less warranty i.e. you don’t need any documents or proof of purchase to claim warranty. Okaya has developed an innovative and customer focused warranty system where all you have to do is just register your product with them by calling their call center and provide the details of your product. Your warranty is generated automatically by the system. Now, even if you lose your warranty card, you have complete rights to avail the warranty of your battery.

Okaya Customer Support

Mobile No.: +91-9840454293 (9:30AM to 6:30PM)

E-mail: [email protected]