SF Sonic Inverter Batteries SF Sonic
MRP: Rs. 13500
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 7422
Without old Battery:        Rs. 8204
MRP: Rs. 14500
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 8829
Without old Battery:        Rs. 10000
MRP: Rs. 5937
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 3360
Without old Battery:        Rs. 3985
MRP: Rs. 9099
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 5118
Without old Battery:        Rs. 6055
MRP: Rs. 9598
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 5391
Without old Battery:        Rs. 6485
MRP: Rs. 14182
With old Battery (Same Ah): Rs. 7813
Without old Battery:        Rs. 9532

SF Sonic Inverter Batteries

Well known for providing power at its peak throughout its life time, SF Sonic Inverter Batteries are considered as ultimate power packed batteries. The company manufactures two types of inverter batteries: SF Sonic Power House and SF Sonic Power Box.

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